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Flat Roofing

flat roofing

Do You Want To Know What We’ve Learned From All Our Years Of Dealing With Flat Roofs?

When we first meet a client who has an existing flat roof the majority of them hate it. They curse the building designer, the builder, the numerous roofers ‘who’ve had a go’ and anyone else they can think of. One time this facility manager looked like he was going to have a heart attack when we turned up. Believe me this guy was purple. By the time we’d solved his problem he was a few shades lighter.

So what have we learned? The issue is not the flat roof, they work fine, the issue is having the know-how to firstly install the roof right in the first place and having the experience to evaluate potential problem areas when they arise. Easy when you know how!

Liquid Plastic Roof Coatings – Flat Roof

Which one to use? That’s the question. There are numerous products on the market which offer this rubber effect on the flat roof when finished. In our humble, expert opinion, Mathys Dacfill HZ is the best. This is a seamless system leaving a rubber like effect on the area with a satin finish. We offer a 5 to 10 year guarantee with this product.

Green Roof & Roof Gardens Flat Roof

Before 1995 ‘green roofs’ were virtually non-existent in the UK but they are now becoming a common sight. There are three main reasons why green roofing is becoming more popular.

  • A growth in sustainable technology.
  • The fact that they aid planning consent.
  • The huge benefits for the environment.

This is a growing field for us. We use products designed specifically for this environment ensuring your end product is what you imagined in the beginning.


Balconies were popular on grand Georgian houses then all but disappeared from the Victorian era onwards. As the footprint of new houses gets ever smaller and the number of stories increases to compensate, so the balcony is enjoying something of a renaissance. MT Roofing & Cladding Services have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your balcony delivers the watertight outdoor space you first envisaged.

Single Ply Membranes ‘Sika Trocal’ Flat Roof

It’s hard to tell someone you’ve never met before about how good your company is at something. It’ even harder to do this in print. But I’m going to have a go!

In my opinion, people always look for something tangible before they believe you’re good at something. Well I have that something and here it is.

Our company is fully licensed for the supply and installation of the market leading single ply membrane Sika Trocal. This means all our installs have a minimum 10 year guarantee from Sika. All our projects are tracked and tested by Sika and all our installers are trained to Sika standard by Sika.

Now, I think that’s tangible evidence. If you’ve worked in this market before you’ll know it’s like anything in life; there are tons of guys who can fit the stuff but not a lot who can supply and fit. And larger contractors who can supply and fit charge you an arm and a leg to do so. We’ll guarantee you right now, your arms and legs are safe – as are your costs.

If you have a Trocal roofing project we’re happy to consult on this and we have specification sheets and Cad Drawings with details available.